Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year Theme

Do you pick a word to help guide your year?  I've been doing so for about the last four years.  (Here's 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010.)  I've been thinking a lot about a word for 2014.  I've brainstormed joy, challenge, growth, and happiness.  I've contemplated recycling celebrate.  I feel like the big things I know are happening in 2014 will be all of these things.  And after thinking about it a bit and reading some of what others have written about their word, I've decided to embrace "Possibility." 
Retrieved from Google Images, 1/1/14
Embracing and living possibility every day means living my best self.  It means knowing the possibilities in front of me as a wife and mother are exceptional and I need to strive to do my best.  Yes, I'll stumble.  I'll be learning how to navigate both roles.  We're never perfect.  But possibility can motivate me to move past my imperfect moments, knowing greater possibilities are ahead.  I look forward to how this word can guide my thoughts and actions.  Check back for updates!! 


Laura said...

Possibility, I like it! Exciting things to come for you! I like the idea of a word. I think I'd choose present--to remain in the present and embrace it.

Happy New Year!

Maria Rose said...

Oh yes, that's a good one!