Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh Too Busy!

I know I have been absent and promised to be better about writing.  But goodness, things have been BUSY around here.  Since I last wrote, we have made significant progress on the kitchen.  The cabinets are in, the sink was placed in the countertop, pendent lamps and a ceiling fan have been purchased, and I've unpacked a few boxes.  We still need the electrician to come back and finish putting the outlets in (and install the pendents!).  And we're waiting on the plumber to hook up the sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher, put in a line for the ice maker, and figure out the best idea for a new radiator for the space.  Oh, and the general contractor is going to be coming back to install our microwave (and stove I think) and door handles on the cabinets.  I have only been able to unpack a few cabinets, which has felt good.  But I really want to get to the drawers, which is in a holding pattern until the handles are put on. 
I've been looking at fabric to make valances for the kitchen.  I'm hoping to also make valances and cafe curtains for the dining room.  We took out the wall between the two rooms and I think it will be good to unify the space.  I'm also picked up paint chips for painting.  Here's hoping I can convince my love on my vision for the color. 

It was also my busiest time of the year at work.  I work in higher education and run a major, multi-day program.  During that week, I had a number of crises interrupt the flow of the program.  First, I had a death in my family.  My stepsister lost her battle with diabetes.  She was a remarkable woman and courageous to the end.  I was able to travel to Buffalo for the funeral.  I'm so grateful it was early enough in the pregnancy that I was still able to go.  It was so good to mourn with family and hug those that loved her.

There were also some issues on campus delaying the program.  A young woman on campus passed away and then we got hit with a major snow storm.  A program that is normally eight days ended up going 12.  But it ended successfully.

Speaking of snow, we're in the middle of another winter storm.  It's a heavy, wet snow.  I was set to stay home today and the snow kind of cements the deal.  It sounds wimpy but it's mostly self-preservation.  I learned how to drive in Buffalo, NY and can handle being out on the streets.  I know to drive slow and defensively.  I also know what to do if my tires start to skid.  However, I don't think all people in the Philadelphia area follow this same MO. 
Since I last wrote, we also have our local baby shower.  Wow, my son is so blessed already!  We got a number of great clothes, a high chair, a sleeper swing, an exerciser, and a lot of other awesome things.  He also got a number of awesome homemades.  You know those are among my most favorite things because I know how much love goes into them.  I plan to share some photos in the near future!

I also went on retreat with my students this past weekend.  We do this every weekend and this time, it was back to the farm we use regularly.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know they have a number of animals.   The donkey is one of my favorites as she is a sweet soul and has been there since I first started visiting. 
The students always have such cool reactions to the animals.  Some of them have never seen farm animals before and have reservations or fear.  Some walk right up and start petting them.  It's always one of my favorite things about visiting there! 

What have you been up to?