Friday, March 7, 2014

Nursery Work

Whoops, I have been absent for too long yet again!!  The past month has been a bit of a blur, as we finished the kitchen (mostly - we still need to paint and I have to make the valances) and worked on the nursery.  Plus, we have baby stuff EVERYWHERE.  Boxes of stuff.  And people keep giving us diapers.  I kind of wonder how long the stash will last.  I'm guessing no more than a month.  Our theme in there is monkeys.  I've ordered some decals and am waiting for those to arrive.  One will go over the crib (big empty spot that it is) and probably another over the changing table.  Which, speaking of, just arrived today!  Yes, the kid is due in 11 days! 
 We picked up the rocker (and recliner) last weekend.  I kind of love it.... not only is it super comfy but it is something we can use elsewhere in the house later on.  It looks brownish but is grey.  The two afghans on the back are from people who love our little one already.  I also put the manfriend and my teddy bears from childhood on the top shelf.  Both are well loved and I love having them there! 

I still need to sort all of the clothes and sheets (note the laundry basket in the left side of the shot).  But, once the changing table is together, I'll be able to. 

Our son already has easily 30 books.  I'm so glad our Buffalo baby shower asked everyone to bring a book in place of a card because we're starting him off with a great little library. 
The quilt on the crib was made by my love's mother.  It's got monkey all over it and is just perfect for our little monkey.  The mobile makes me crazy happy.... twirling monkeys. 

So, it's coming together, slowly but surely.  Now, we just need our little one.  All in good time!!