Friday, June 27, 2014

Mid Year Check In

In January, I said my year theme for 2014 was Possibility.  I thought it would be good to do a little mid-year check in to see how I'm doing with that. Possibility was about embracing the changes before me.  There were those anticipated - motherhood and marriage.  Obviously, I've hit a few stumbling blocks in each area.  There is a big learning curve.  I think I'm being the best mother to Chase I can be.  I would never have qualified as the most patient person but with him, it is great.  I adore his little face and rejoice in each morning with him.  My marriage doesn't feel that much different than co-habiting, just a bit more formal.  Well, and there's the name change.  I ultimately decided to change my last name to make it easier on the kiddo down the road. 
But others have presented themselves as well.  At the end of July, I'm embracing the opportunity to stay home with Chase.  I never thought I'd stay home.  But the chance is there and I so want to be the driving force in his development and growth.  And it is Possible. Luckily, I'll probably continue on with my employer, although part-time, through at least September so the transition should be easier. 

There's a lot more possibility too.... with a new kitchen, I'm cooking more and we've hosted a few parties.  The kitchen and open floor plan make that more feasible.  There are new and revised friendships... things that have evolved post-baby or or being resurrected.  There has been some crafting. 

Possibility is definitely happening.  Although, I will admit, I'd like to see myself embrace it even more for the second half of the year and really shake things up and make things happen.  Fingers crossed I do! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Back to Yoga

Since I was cleared for exercise six weeks after Chase's birth, I've been trying to get back to a regular yoga practice.  I'm a happier, healthier person when I'm doing yoga regularly.  And I need to rebuild some strength post-pregnancy.  During my first trimester, my doctor scared me off exercise with cautionary tales.  After miscarrying with our first pregnancy, I was easily scared.  That is definitely something I regret about my pregnancy because all of the research tells us yoga is good for a pregnant woman and makes delivery easier. 

I will say it's been hard to get back at it.  Although I'm lucky there is a studio two blocks from my home, I haven't always been good about dedicating myself to my practice.  As I'm sure you can imagine, I'm often tired.  (Wait, having a newborn makes you tired?  WHAT???)  So easily that can become the excuse for skipping my own self-care. 
I'm blessed with a great partner that realizes why doing yoga is important for me.  He makes my practice a priority.  I'm so grateful that he prompts me to go.  And so, it's back to the mat tonight! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day yesterday.  The day has always been a bit bittersweet for me as my dad died when I was 14 and my stepfather, a second father, passed when I was 28.  Thankfully, I had a great reason to celebrate this year.  Plus, we had the distraction of the kid's christening and a small family party afterwards. 
I don't have any photos from the christening, as I didn't think to give anyone my phone.  But, it was lovely to be surrounded by family and celebrating one of our little one's first rites of passage.  And afterwards, there was cake with buttercream frosting. 

The kid also showed off his great rolling over skills later on that day.  And the legs are a movin'.  It's only a short while before he starts moving for real.  I'm both excited and terrified.  Terrified mostly because our house is not baby-proofed in the least! 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Little Love: Month Three

Dear Chase,

You are three months old today.  You are such a joy to be with.  You love taking in the world around you.... always looking at things.  You love exploring the world so much that if we are someplace new you couldn't possibly let yourself fall asleep for fear you might miss something.  Apparently this trait comes from Daddy.  (Thanks Daddy!) 
This past month, you have found your thumb and like sucking on it when you need comforting.  Or when you're bored.  Sometimes you try to shove your whole fist in your mouth.  So far, it hasn't worked. 
Photo by K.A. Photography
You've also gotten quite good at rolling from back to tummy.  Once you get there, half the time you don't quite know what to do and get frustrated.  But, you've found that you prefer stomach sleeping.  And since you've started rolling over in your crib, you've also started sleeping seven plus hours.  That, I'll say, is kind of magical.  I do still worry about the stomach sleeping but goodness knows, I'm not going to stop you from rolling over. 

Your colic is also starting to dissipate a bit.  You are definitely happier most evenings that you were about a month ago.  For this, Daddy and I are grateful. 

Oh little one, we love you so!!  We're so glad you are part of our life. 


Friday, June 13, 2014

Life Changes!

Just when I try to get back on the blogging bandwagon and then I go and have a baby.  My gorgeous, amazing son arrive on March 14th and since then, I have been BUSY.  My maternity leave went by in a flash.  A little less than a month ago, the manfriend and I also made it official and exchanged vows.  Now that my son is just about three months old and the wedding is done (and the home renovations are pretty much complete), I really am going to try to get back to regular postings.  I miss writing and sharing my life.  And I miss the connections you make with other bloggers when you blog yourself.  Fingers crossed! 

I want to start by sharing a few photos. First, here's my little love just after he was born.  His name is Chase and he is a delight.  He was a bit colicky but seems to be moving past that slowly. 
 He'll be 3 months old shortly. Look for a 3 month post to him shortly. 
 Here's a photo of him just last week.  Yes, the kid has pretty awesome hair.  Love it! 
And, for marrying my love.... Ted and I had a beautiful day.  It was a wee bit chilly in Western New York but sunny and beautiful.  Our wedding site, Becker Farms, was awesome.  They do a great job of managing an event.  And the apple trees were blooming, making for a great photo opportunity.  It was truly exactly what we wanted and so beautiful. 
Photo by K.A. Photography
 Our flowers were from Lorbeer's, a florist owned by people we used to go to church with when I was little.  They did a stunning job with everything, from centerpieces to bouquets to flower girl crowns to corsages.  For my bouquet, we has a locket added with pictures of my father and stepfather.  Since both are no longer here, it was both a way to honor them and to have them walk me down the aisle. 
Photo by K.A. Photography

Lastly, the home renovations are mostly done.  Our kitchen has been operational for a while (late January or early February I believe).  It was painted on Good Friday and now I'm charged (by myself of course!) with making valances and cafe curtains for the kitchen and dining room.  I finished one valance this past weekend and got Ted to hang the rods in the curtain this week.  I'm hoping to sew the second one tomorrow so they will both by up for Sunday, when we are having a small christening party for Chase. Oh, how I can't wait to finish them all and see how everything looks! 

Life is good!