Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day yesterday.  The day has always been a bit bittersweet for me as my dad died when I was 14 and my stepfather, a second father, passed when I was 28.  Thankfully, I had a great reason to celebrate this year.  Plus, we had the distraction of the kid's christening and a small family party afterwards. 
I don't have any photos from the christening, as I didn't think to give anyone my phone.  But, it was lovely to be surrounded by family and celebrating one of our little one's first rites of passage.  And afterwards, there was cake with buttercream frosting. 

The kid also showed off his great rolling over skills later on that day.  And the legs are a movin'.  It's only a short while before he starts moving for real.  I'm both excited and terrified.  Terrified mostly because our house is not baby-proofed in the least! 

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