Friday, June 27, 2014

Mid Year Check In

In January, I said my year theme for 2014 was Possibility.  I thought it would be good to do a little mid-year check in to see how I'm doing with that. Possibility was about embracing the changes before me.  There were those anticipated - motherhood and marriage.  Obviously, I've hit a few stumbling blocks in each area.  There is a big learning curve.  I think I'm being the best mother to Chase I can be.  I would never have qualified as the most patient person but with him, it is great.  I adore his little face and rejoice in each morning with him.  My marriage doesn't feel that much different than co-habiting, just a bit more formal.  Well, and there's the name change.  I ultimately decided to change my last name to make it easier on the kiddo down the road. 
But others have presented themselves as well.  At the end of July, I'm embracing the opportunity to stay home with Chase.  I never thought I'd stay home.  But the chance is there and I so want to be the driving force in his development and growth.  And it is Possible. Luckily, I'll probably continue on with my employer, although part-time, through at least September so the transition should be easier. 

There's a lot more possibility too.... with a new kitchen, I'm cooking more and we've hosted a few parties.  The kitchen and open floor plan make that more feasible.  There are new and revised friendships... things that have evolved post-baby or or being resurrected.  There has been some crafting. 

Possibility is definitely happening.  Although, I will admit, I'd like to see myself embrace it even more for the second half of the year and really shake things up and make things happen.  Fingers crossed I do! 

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