Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Little Love: Month Three

Dear Chase,

You are three months old today.  You are such a joy to be with.  You love taking in the world around you.... always looking at things.  You love exploring the world so much that if we are someplace new you couldn't possibly let yourself fall asleep for fear you might miss something.  Apparently this trait comes from Daddy.  (Thanks Daddy!) 
This past month, you have found your thumb and like sucking on it when you need comforting.  Or when you're bored.  Sometimes you try to shove your whole fist in your mouth.  So far, it hasn't worked. 
Photo by K.A. Photography
You've also gotten quite good at rolling from back to tummy.  Once you get there, half the time you don't quite know what to do and get frustrated.  But, you've found that you prefer stomach sleeping.  And since you've started rolling over in your crib, you've also started sleeping seven plus hours.  That, I'll say, is kind of magical.  I do still worry about the stomach sleeping but goodness knows, I'm not going to stop you from rolling over. 

Your colic is also starting to dissipate a bit.  You are definitely happier most evenings that you were about a month ago.  For this, Daddy and I are grateful. 

Oh little one, we love you so!!  We're so glad you are part of our life. 


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Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

So sweet, you'll be glad you have these memories written down when he's older. Happy 3 months Chase!