Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Months!

My dear Little Boy--

Today, you are 5 months old.  Oh how you have grown!!  You are in the upper percentiles for both height and weight.  I love that you are so healthy.  You grab for your bottle with glee and often help hold it.  Now, if only you didn't turn your head to look at everything, resulting in the bottle not remaining in your mouth! 
You have mastered the rolling over.  Back to front and front to back, you are good to go.  You love rolling across the quilt on the living room floor.  You also are pretty good at supporting yourself on your arms.  It's just a matter of time before you are scooting around! 

You've also started to do raspberries sometimes.  It's so funny to listen to you make little noises and awesome to see the happiness it gives you. 

You started eating solid food this month too.  We've tried peaches, apples, bananas (not a fan I think), sweet potatoes, and pears.  You are really starting to get into eating.  Last time, you ate the whole bowl of pears quite fast!  I think I'm going to start making your food rather than relying on Gerber. 
You have been interacting with Rosy more.  You have reached out for her numerous times.  Yesterday, you tried to suck on her ear (I intervened).  She loves to lick you.  I simply adore watching the relationship you two are developing.  My two little loves! 

Speaking of sucking on things, you suck or shew on everything.  You're definitely teething.  I think I felt a tooth starting on the bottom left.  Time will tell if that's where you get the first tooth or not. 

Oh my little love, how you change my life for the better daily.  I love you so much.  Happy 5 months!