Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review: 2014

This year is probably the best year yet!  Thank you 2014 for all of the blessings of my life.  I'm so very grateful.  The big blessings are obvious - my son and husband.  This year not only did I give birth to an amazing little guy who has changed how I view everything but I also married his dad, a man that makes me grateful every day and whom I love deeply.  I seriously am so blessed by these two and Rosy every day.

Among the other great things of 2014 are:
  • A new kitchen in our home.  I use it every day and I love it.  I'm so glad we took the wall down so it flows with the rest of the first floor better.  
  • Starting yoga again post delivery.  I love how it makes my body feel.  
  • Leaving behind a job working with amazing students to focus on my son's development and growth for this first year or two.  I'm so grateful we can afford to do this.  
  • Celebrating our first Christmas as a family in our renovated home.  I sit and look at the tree and mantle with stockings and marvel in the beauty.  
  • Health.  I am healthy.  And after a major surgery (C section), I am strong and able.  
  • Family - both mine and Ted's.  I'm so lucky to be part of three amazing families - my mom's siblings, my stepfamily, and Ted's.  Add in the benefit of reconnecting with my cousin on my dad's side this year, of which I'm so grateful. 
  • Time I've been blessed to spend with dear friends and sorority sisters.  I'm so glad Amy, Kathi, and I planned a brunch two months in advance so we could all get together.  I'm so grateful for a day spent with Amy in St. Louis this fall.  I'm so glad to have Katie still in my life after all of these years. 
I'm sure there are so many other little blessings I'm not remembering currently.  This has been a positively delightful, amazing, and transformational year.  Thank you 2014 and thank you to everyone who made it so wonderful.  I'm truly, deliciously blessed.   

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