Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trip to Buffalo

Last weekend, the family took a little road trip to Buffalo.  It was my mom's birthday - a big one!  Luckily, we were able to celebrate with her and with a lot of family members. About 25 people - my mom's siblings and their kids and my stepfamily - joined us to recognize the amazingness of my mom.  Ted and I put together a little potluck lunch. We did roast beef, crazy good cake, and pop/beer.  People brought salads, brownies, stuffed shells and other deliciousness.  Oh, how glad I am that we were able to be there! 

The boy was a great traveler. It's about a 7 hour drive from here. He's been on 3 trips to Buffalo already in his 10 months of life. He is pretty content hanging out in the car seat. I really hope he remains a good traveler as time goes on!  I think we're setting him up to be a good one. 
Stopped for lunch at a little diner in NYS.
 Ted did all of the driving.  (Oh, I'm blessed!) So, I got some quality knitting time while we were in the car.  I haven't knit in so long so I started small.  I just made a loosely knit hat - knit one, purl two - out of some black yarn I had in my stash.  I like that it is loose enough that I don't have to worry about my hair denting (happens way too easily people!) and I can wear it over a ponytail if needed. 

I forgot how much I like knitting.  It was good to work the needles and make something!!  Now to find another project to cast on with the yarn already in my stash. 
Modeling my new hat from the backseat of the car!
And, as always with trips, it was good to get home again.  We got back on Sunday and had Monday to just relax as a family.  I'm so blessed to have these amazing human in my life! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015


I've been thinking a lot about the word for 2015.  I even thought about not doing it.  But 2014's word was just right.  It was a year of Possibility.  Lots of good happened.  I definitely changed and evolved.  I became a mother.  I became a wife.  I left my job.  We got a completely new kitchen and bathroom.  I let the possibility of goodness overtake any possible anxiety I could have about so much change.  And so I think another word is a good thing! 
They follow me everywhere.  I must be totally awesome.
I thought about it for a while. I finally settled on Nurture. There is the obvious kinds - my kid, my dog, my marriage. Those are very important. But my goals include nurturing my creative side - sewing, knitting, and general crafting. Nurturing what I do to keep myself professionally engaged.  Nurture the friendships I value so. Nurture my soul by embracing my faith. So nurture it is.  It starts today.