Saturday, January 10, 2015


I've been thinking a lot about the word for 2015.  I even thought about not doing it.  But 2014's word was just right.  It was a year of Possibility.  Lots of good happened.  I definitely changed and evolved.  I became a mother.  I became a wife.  I left my job.  We got a completely new kitchen and bathroom.  I let the possibility of goodness overtake any possible anxiety I could have about so much change.  And so I think another word is a good thing! 
They follow me everywhere.  I must be totally awesome.
I thought about it for a while. I finally settled on Nurture. There is the obvious kinds - my kid, my dog, my marriage. Those are very important. But my goals include nurturing my creative side - sewing, knitting, and general crafting. Nurturing what I do to keep myself professionally engaged.  Nurture the friendships I value so. Nurture my soul by embracing my faith. So nurture it is.  It starts today. 

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Laura said...

Nurture, I like it! I've been thinking about the word I would choose for 2015...not sure yet. So many choices!