Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mmmmm Pie!

Well, I finally had a chance to cut into the faux fur. I sewed a vest using this tutorial and a fleece vest I have as a template. I'm actually really happy with how it turned out. I wasn't completely sure at until I was able to try it on. I styled with some maroon jeans, a plaid flannel shirt, and riding boots. 
 I haven't worn it yet because it's been too cold lately. I've been living in sweaters and sweatshirts lately. Hopefully soon it will get a bit warmer. Fingers crossed!

I have a half yard yesterday. A friend suggested making a matching vest for The Boy with a hood and ears. I love the idea but after thinking about it, I think the fabric sheds too much. I don't need him eating fuzz. He already eats everything he can stick in his mouth! So I think the spare fabric will make an excellent cowl for me. 
I also baked an apple pie this weekend. It's Ted's favorite and it was Valentine's Day so I figured why not. I used this recipe, which is truly awesome and delicious. I did not make the crust however; Pillsbury makes a pretty great one and I'm just a hint lazy. I even made a crust top hat for the top of it, as it was President's Day. Ted ate Lincoln's hat already though! 
 Other than that, I've just been busy with the volunteering I do for my sorority and for NGLA. There is a lot going on right now and The Boy is not too keen on me doing it during the day when he's awake. Honestly, it is a little overwhelming, after being with him all day, to sit down at night and work. But it keeps my hand in the field and gives me good experience. Hopefully it will quiet down a bit soon.

Oh, and I've been planning a first birthday party for The Boy!!  Talk about fun! More details soon.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Vest with the Fur?

I went to JoAnn's yesterday to buy some fabric for a few infinity scarves I planned to make.  Wow, that place was hopping with people doing inventory!!  After navigating the aisles with a stroller and all these people, I found couple of great patterns.  And then I stumbled across some faux fur (more fluffy than fur-like) fabric.  I bought it, thinking I'd make an infinity scarf for me too.  But now I'm thinking I might finally fashion a little vest for myself.  I just need to hunt through the stash to see if I have a good lining fabric.  Fingers crossed this works out because that fabric turned out to cost more than I anticipated when I had it cut!
The Boy has been doing more and more independent standing. I think it's really just a short amount of time until walking happens! And then I'm in trouble. He's doing so good though. He's interested in eating everything. And seems to like everything. He is exploring. He climbed up the entire staircase (with supervision). I just love his desire to learn and his energy. It's amazing! 

I'm in planning mode for his birthday now.  I can't believe it's a little more than a month away! We're going to do a little event and I've slowly been gathering everything. Today, I bought all of the plates, cups, silverware, and a birthday banner at the Dollar Store.  Oh, how I love a bargain. And, oh how I love party planning!  Now, to figure out the menu.

What have you been up to?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Heart You

I was approached by a healthcare site about sharing a heart health fact on their site for February.  Heart health is a cause close to my heart so I had to say yes.  It hasn't been posted yet but I thought it would be valuable to share my story here. 

My father had a fatal heart attack when he was 44.  I was 14 years old.  The night before he died, he had shoulder and arm pain. He ignored it. He was an early riser. When we woke up that morning, he had already been up for a bit.  He was out in his car because we had out of town guests staying with us.  My mom went out to check on him and found him dead. Heart disease ran in the family.  His father passed away at 42.  My dad also was a smoker for many years. So although his cholesterol was good, he had a number of risk factors. And I never got to have my dad watch me go to prom, graduate, get married, or have a baby. 

In my late 20s, I had a sore shoulder that gave me pause.  After talking to my doctor, they ended up ordering a stress test. It turned out that there was nothing wrong with my heart.  But I got peace of mind after being tested. 

Heart health is something we need to take seriously.  Do you know the signs of a heart attack in women?  What are you doing to make your heart healthier? 

I know there are a number of things I could improve but my household's diet has improved greatly over last year.  We're cooking more (yay for having a kitchen again!) and I'm trying to offer a number of low fat, healthy options.  And I've gotten my husband to eat vegetables more often!  I've also managed to eliminate some stress from my life and am practicing yoga more regularly. 

I hope this February you find one new healthy habit to improve your heart health. My goal is to add more walking to my daily routine.  And if you have any of the symptoms of a heart attack, please get checked out!