Friday, February 6, 2015

Vest with the Fur?

I went to JoAnn's yesterday to buy some fabric for a few infinity scarves I planned to make.  Wow, that place was hopping with people doing inventory!!  After navigating the aisles with a stroller and all these people, I found couple of great patterns.  And then I stumbled across some faux fur (more fluffy than fur-like) fabric.  I bought it, thinking I'd make an infinity scarf for me too.  But now I'm thinking I might finally fashion a little vest for myself.  I just need to hunt through the stash to see if I have a good lining fabric.  Fingers crossed this works out because that fabric turned out to cost more than I anticipated when I had it cut!
The Boy has been doing more and more independent standing. I think it's really just a short amount of time until walking happens! And then I'm in trouble. He's doing so good though. He's interested in eating everything. And seems to like everything. He is exploring. He climbed up the entire staircase (with supervision). I just love his desire to learn and his energy. It's amazing! 

I'm in planning mode for his birthday now.  I can't believe it's a little more than a month away! We're going to do a little event and I've slowly been gathering everything. Today, I bought all of the plates, cups, silverware, and a birthday banner at the Dollar Store.  Oh, how I love a bargain. And, oh how I love party planning!  Now, to figure out the menu.

What have you been up to?

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