Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Monster Time

Woo! I did some sewing during nap time today. And the machine, even though it's right next door to his room, did not wake Chase! Oh it's so good to exercise my creative muscles a little bit.

I finished the shorts for Chase. I used this pattern by Sew Like my Mom. I made a 2T rather than 18 months to ensure they will fit him for a good bit of the summer.  Looking at the completed shorts, I think it was a good move. The pattern was well written and easy to follow. I'd definitely recommend it.
Now, we just need it to get warm enough for him to wear them! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sewing Shorts

I finished the shorts from the previous post.  They came out great.  Honestly, the only thing I'm questioning is if the pompoms were a good idea.  Right on my hips.  Hmm..... I may end up cutting the pompoms off but leaving the purple trim.  Time will tell.  I'm glad I made them though. 
Now, I'm working on a pair of shorts for Chase. Really, it should be the fastest project ever. The only flaw with that is I never have time to sew. My sewing space is right next to his bedroom so I don't even sew when he's sleeping. The good news is my mom is coming to visit soon so I might be able to squeak some sewing time out while she's here. I have fabric for a dress for me so I'd love to start on that too! 
The weather has been so nice lately. We've been trying to take more walks to really take advantage of it.  Chase is so much happier when he gets outside time every day. And I've been trying to increase my physical activity (and step count. Hello Fitbit!) so it's a win win. After we took a long walk today, we played in the yard for a bit. Walk to the front, walk to the back. Fall down a few times in there. I adore watching him explore and learn about the world around him.
My life is amazing. I'm so blessed. Yes, it can be hard but I'm so very grateful for it all. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pom Poms!

Yesterday morning, I managed to steal away and do a little bit of selfish sewing.  I had leftover fabric from other projects and wanted to make myself a pair of slip-on shorts. The pieces were already cut out so there was only sewing to do. 
Since I didn't have enough yardage for them to be only one fabric, the front is a linen floral print and the pockets and back are chambray. The waistband is not attached yet in this photo. And I need time to hem the bottom as well as shop for and lace elastic through the waistband. I'm hoping I'll have time in the next week to do so! I am looking forward to seeing how they come out.  I love a good sewing project. And selfish sewing is such a delightful little luxury!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Groundhog's Day

Sometimes it feels as though my life is Groundhog's Day.  The movie, not February 2nd. Wake up, give the kiddo a bottle, catch a little GMA before breakfast, play until nap time, grab a shower (finally!) after putting Chase down, lunch time when he wakes up, errands, play, dinner, then bedtime. New day, same routine. I look forward to the weekends for a little break from the routine. The chance to spend more time with Ted and maybe be wild and crazy and make a trip to Target by myself.

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE being Chase's mom. I love watching his development. He learns something every day. He takes everything in. He's fascinated and fascinating. I waiting a long time to be a mom. In some ways, he completed me.  I was a mom without a kid for a long time. And then I miscarried. And then we had Chase. Oh goodness, I'm so very lucky.

This week I'm a Scout widow. Ted's off at a scout thing today. Tomorrow, he's gone for a family thing. And then scout things after work Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I feel like I just can't have a moment to myself. It's really hard sometimes. And sometimes, it feels like I can't possibly have another day of the same. I'm so looking forward to warmer weather so we can get out more. And I think we need to get out earlier in the day, even if it's just a walk up to Wawa.

And oh how I long for a craft workshop not directly next to Chase's room. The only time I have to sew is when Ted is home. I can't sew during nap time as the machine is too loud when I'm right next to the boy's room. I feel so limited. I'm grateful for the few projects I've created lately: two paintings and a door decoration for our house. I needed to channel my creative energy and oh, it felt so good! 

I know I'm blessed: great husband, awesome and healthy little boy, sweet dog, good house, fabulous family..... I could go on and on. And I will find ways to explore escaping this darn movie!