Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sewing Shorts

I finished the shorts from the previous post.  They came out great.  Honestly, the only thing I'm questioning is if the pompoms were a good idea.  Right on my hips.  Hmm..... I may end up cutting the pompoms off but leaving the purple trim.  Time will tell.  I'm glad I made them though. 
Now, I'm working on a pair of shorts for Chase. Really, it should be the fastest project ever. The only flaw with that is I never have time to sew. My sewing space is right next to his bedroom so I don't even sew when he's sleeping. The good news is my mom is coming to visit soon so I might be able to squeak some sewing time out while she's here. I have fabric for a dress for me so I'd love to start on that too! 
The weather has been so nice lately. We've been trying to take more walks to really take advantage of it.  Chase is so much happier when he gets outside time every day. And I've been trying to increase my physical activity (and step count. Hello Fitbit!) so it's a win win. After we took a long walk today, we played in the yard for a bit. Walk to the front, walk to the back. Fall down a few times in there. I adore watching him explore and learn about the world around him.
My life is amazing. I'm so blessed. Yes, it can be hard but I'm so very grateful for it all. 

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