Monday, February 22, 2016

Baby Prep!

This past week, it feels like we've been doing a lot to prepare for the new addition. The boy is moving to a new room with a big boy bed so getting that together and child proofing as best as possible have been key. We got a new to us dresser for in there. Basically, we inherited the set Ted's sister got when her first child was born. It's beautiful and allows us to put one piece in his room for clothes and whatnot and one in the baby's room. It still needs to be bolted to the wall, as does a small bookcase that is in his room. I realized this morning when the insomnia stuck that I need to get the outlet covers that still allow us to use the outlets. And hopefully early this week, his blinds come! That's what is holding up the transition at this point. This coming weekend will probably be transition time. I'm hoping it isn't too difficult for him or painful for us.

Then, I get to put the nursery together. I'm not being overly elaborate honestly. The only additions/changes will be gold polka dots on the crib wall, a gold initial, and a tassel garland from Glam Fete. I had hoped to make a new valance but was too cheap to buy the fabric I wanted in advance and too short on time to believe it will happen before she arrives. I'm still hopeful I can somehow complete the pillow I was making to go on the chair in her room!

We're doing a scheduled c section with her for a number of reasons, the biggest being the doctors recommended it based on the boy's delivery. We're scheduled to go in on March 22nd. Knowing what I know about c sections now, I have already had a few nerves. Funny, with the boy the transition from vaginal to c section happened so fast and I had so little knowledge or time to think about it, I had no nerves. My pre-op with the doctor is this week and I'm hoping that will alleviate some of the anxiety.  I will say I can't wait to meet baby girl in a month!

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