Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Goal to Return to this Space

One of my goals for this year is to relaunch this blog and continue to update it. When I started blogging, this was primarily a crafting blog. I focused on my knitting and sewing projects. As life evolved, I've had less time for creative pursuits. Although this has not always been good, the life itself is awesome. But I also think the topics I talk about need to evolve to keep up with where my life is now. Yes, I'm still creative. I'm currently working on a pillow sham for the girl's room, hoping to have it finished before she joins us in 5 or so weeks. (5 or so weeks!! Seriously, 40 days until c section!)

Yes, that's one of the big changes since the last post almost a year ago. I'm again pregnant, this time with our daughter. This is the last hurrah for that womb of mine. And baby girl is making sure she gets some good dance parties in there.  Normally, they are at 11 at night. She naps late in the morning, making my neonatal stress tests quite fun as they bang pans together over my stomach trying to get her to wake up and move. I started the NSTs last week because I'm old and chubby so they want to make sure she stays healthy. That's not exactly how they phrased it but basically the risk of stillborn increases with maternal age and weight. And so we visit twice a week and I eat chocolate, drink water, or do other things to try to encourage her activity. Apparently, this gets easier further in the pregnancy.... I really hope so because stubborn girl is keeping this momma on her toes!

My son continues to grow and delight. He's approaching his second birthday.  (How did that happen?) My party planning has commenced. We're not doing anything too big and we're doing it two weeks before his day. It's what works calendar wise plus it'll help me out to not have it too close to baby girl's arrival.  He's obsessed with Thomas and Friends so the cake (ordered locally) and napkins will be Thomas. Everything else, easy peasy. Blue plates, plastic silverware, pizza ordered locally. Pregnancy is encouraging me to be low key on it all. 

I am still crafting though so that will carry on here. Look for something on above mentioned pillow sham soon (hopefully). Plus, I have a goal of one project per month at minimum. I'm sure that might be a challenge right after baby. There might be two in one month and none in another. Such is life. But creating is part of who I am and what keeps me thriving. And so I will keep working on making that a priority.

And there will be nursery and little boy room pictures as both rooms come together. I'm hoping to get my son's mostly finished in the next week or so. We need to transition him to a big boy bed before we can finish the nursery. The dresser is coming over from my sister-in-law's this weekend hopefully. The hold up is the blinds for the windows. With windows that are wider than the norm, I had to do a bit more of a special order. I'm hoping they come sooner than promised!! 

I hope some of you will follow along with this journey. I love sharing my life with others on here and appreciate your feedback and love. Here's to happy blogging!

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