Friday, February 12, 2016

Setting Goals

About a month ago I wrote a few short goals for myself for the next year. Not so much resolutions but just a few things to aspire to. I was not overly ambitious as I know I'm having a baby this year!  They are:
  1. Do one craft project each month. I figure 12 per year is doable. I might do two one month and have a month without anything. But I hope to get the creative juices flowing each month. 
  2. Read two books this year. Yes, this is setting the bar low. But I'm having a baby!!! The goal is one book be personal development and one be for pure pleasure. 
  3. Relaunch this blog.
So far, I have started one book and completed two different craft projects - one painting and a bandanna bib for Chase. Here's hoping these are attainable post baby! I figure I might have a lot to say then anyway. 

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