Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2 Years Old and Almost Baby Time

This past weekend, we celebrated my son's second birthday. It was a few weeks early but between being 8 months pregnant and five members of my husband's family being out of town the next two weekends, it was ideal to have it early. We did a little bit of a Thomas and Friends theme, as he is currently obsessed. And I outsourced almost everything: cake, pizza, etc. I think the only thing I did was make a salad!
The boy had a great time! I think he was a little overwhelmed with presents.  There weren't a ton but it was one after another with no really play time. Young kids don't get that! (I actually hid one of the gifts that wasn't unpackaged right then so we can bring it out when the baby comes!)
I'm so glad we did it early and were able to have all of the family there! 

We're also less than three weeks away from welcoming our girl. We're having a scheduled c section since my boy was a failure to progress during labor and ended up being a c. I'm getting anxious, probably in part because I have a doctors appointment every time I turn around! This week alone I have two neonatal stress tests (one of which caused a trip to the hospital since baby girl was too tired to give them what they wanted. She's fine.), an OB appointment, and an ultrasound. Three appointments a week for the next three weeks too. But she seems healthy and content in there for now, so that's good. I probably should have everything in the hospital bag but it's still only 75% packed..... might be a project for tonight! We also haven't transitioned the nursery because we just moved the boy into his new room and big boy bed. This weekend might inspire a little nesting in that regard as I'm itching to get everything done.

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