Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Idea of Raising a Girl

Happy International Women's Day! As the date for my delivery of our daughter gets closer, I'm thinking more and more about the world we're bringing her into. The various hopes and dreams I have for her. I hope she feels she can accomplish anything. I hope she feels that different career paths are open to her. I hope she knows she is strong and smart as well as beautiful. I hope she always has access to the very best educational opportunities. I hope she's challenged. Don't get me wrong - I wish the same for my boy. But we treat boys so differently, both in gender roles and in opportunities provided. I think it's more challenging to raise a girl to feel strong, able, appreciated, smart, and valued. I sure hope my husband and I have the skills to teach and promote these. I want her to realize her power, to understand that feminism is important, and that girls can do anything.
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I want to allow her to determine who she is, without society putting too many gender specifics on her (yet I'm still buying pink clothes.... I love 'em.). I want her to be confident. I hope she feels a sense of safety. I hope I can be a role model for her in body acceptance, leadership, confidence, and strength. Oh, the many challenges I see!! I hope this day, each year, allows me to reflect on the job I'm doing and how I can do better the following year. And I hope your International Women's Day allow you to reflect on what's important to you as a woman or advocate for women you love.

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Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

I struggle with this every day. And actually almost the reverse. My daughter is 7 now (and my son is 4) and we do totally raise them differently without noticing! My daughter however has decided she hates all girly things and won't wear pink, ruffles, dress shoes, dresses and won't even watch a princess movie. I'm okay with that and don't fight her on it. But I also don't want her to rule out things without giving them a chance. And I don't want her to hate girls who DO like those things.It's always a struggle! You'll figure it out as you go.