Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Challenge of Food

My kids have gotten a bit picky when eating lately. They were such great eaters - going for pretty much everything - but suddenly we're a little unwilling to eat banana, grapes, or oranges. What's changed? No idea. But that's just kiddos being kiddos I think.

From the very beginning, we've subscribed to baby led weaning. We might not have called it that right away but that's what we did. My son - the eldest kiddo - was done with formula right at a year. He loved food so much and took to milk right away. It was kind of magically how he transitioned from bottles to sippy cups and from formula to milk. Okay, seriously magic.
The youngest is slowly getting there. She drinks a lot of water - more so than milk - so I'm hesitant to make the transition. She will tool around the house with that sippy cup on water all day, dribbling water down her as she goes. She also loves food, although not everything lately. She'd eat an avocado a day if I let her (who has that kind of money??). She loves hot dogs. She likes broccoli. She will eat all of her strawberries and then her brother's! But we're still working on moving off formula completely. And honestly I'm okay with that because I'm trusting her to get to the right place when her body is ready.

I also don't really fix a separate meal for them. They eat what we eat although it may be supplemented with something else. When we do chicken tacos, they eat tomato, tortilla, avocado, chicken, and olives. Last night when we had Swedish meatballs and asparagus; they did noodles, asparagus, avocado, and tomatoes. I'm not willing to fix a whole separate dinner. That's just not how I mom.
Speaking on momming (when you create a word, you determine if it has an additional m right?) I will say I've always felt good about the decisions we've made for them with food. They eat mostly nutritious food. It's a balanced diet with a few sweets thrown in. We let them explore and develop their palate. Personally, I'm trying to model healthy eating and exercise for them.

And I've never regretted using formula with them. I hang out with some crunchy mommas. But they also have always subscribed to fed is best. And choosing the formula route was what I needed for good mental health. Between latch challenges and production (oh production!! Don't get me started!), it was so taxing to me emotionally. I really hope all mommas focus on making that choice - the one that is right for their body, mind, and life.

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