Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Prompt Life

 I've been thinking a lot about goals and self improvement lately. This season of motherhood is tough because they need everything from me. So there is little time left for me. And a lot of that time that's okay. I expected it. I waited a long time to be a mom and had quite a bit of me time. But - oh the but - I do need time here and there to feed my soul. It helps me to be better for them. It keeps my mind stimulated.

I think I've shared that I've been combining watercolors with hand lettering. It's been a good release for me. And it's something I can do when my little people are awake and hanging with me. Not all of my hobbies have that same versatility. I enjoy finding quotes and expressions that inspire me and putting my own spin on how to bring it to life.

I've also been trying to write more. I love writing and you only get better with practice. In the past I tried The Artist's Way. But right now my early mornings are reserved for exercise and I'm not willing to get up earlier to write too. Today I stumbled across this book of writing prompts while shopping at Target. It was $6.99. And I figured it would be a great thing for my kids to have many years from now so see a bit more of what made their mom tick.
My goal is probably to do 2-3 a week. Daily just won't fit with all of my other hobbies. But a few times a week during nap time is completely feasible. Who knows, you might see some of the fruits of my labor here! I want to keep pushing myself to be as me as I can be and not let this season of my life strip me of the things that help me grow, be challenged, and reflect on my values.

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