Friday, May 12, 2017

My Own Summer Bucket List

I read this article the other day and knew I needed a summer bucket list with my kids. Because I can easily fall into the rut of doing just the playground, which while fun, isn't helping them explore their surrounding. I want to create explorers!
 So I sat down and just wrote: things I've been wanting to do with them, things that don't cost much (or any!) money, things that will get us out and about. A few might just be Mommy/son dates like visiting Niagara Falls when we're in Buffalo. And Abby isn't ready for marshmallows in the yard yet. Altogether I have 12 items but I keep adding a few things here and there. I will probably put it on flip chart paper and hang it up so Chase can check things off when we do them because he'll get joy in that!

I hope this helps us to make the most of summer and have fun! I can't wait! What would be on your bucket list?

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