Monday, August 14, 2017

When Hate Visited Charlotteville

I stood in Panera on Saturday reading the news out of Charlottesville on my phone, on the edge of tears. Tears for my country. Tears for my friends who are brown and black who live each day worrying about what their countrymen might do to them. Tears for those soldiers of color who fight for the right of those white supremacists to protest. As if they really have a legitimate right to protest things being a little more equal. 

I never fail to be astounded by the awfulness of some people. People who fail to see humanity. People who fail to see the gifts black, brown, native, and others have given to our country and world. Music, science, social justice, sports, math and other areas advanced by the sharing of those gifts. 
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More than anything I want my kids to see people for who they are. Yes they will see color but that is a small part of what makes a person tick. I was them to see the content of someone's character, to see equality, to embrace differences, to lead by example. 

Although I care deeply for social justice, I also acknowledge I still have a lot to learn. The best way for me to make an impact right now is to listen. To not be defensive but to truly hear. To call out judgement and prejudice when I can - in both myself and others. To go beyond tolerance to love. 

Events like Charlottesville keep happening. And they will continue to happen until We the People stand up and challenge them. 

As white people we've sat back for too long. We may acknowledge the problem but have not been willing to be embrace discomfort enough to be part of the solution. It's not up to our black and brown brothers and sisters to solve this hate and discrimination. If it were that easy we'd truly live in a post racial society. No, it's on us. Let's wipe away our tears and our shock over what happened, roll up our sleeves, listen to our black and brown peers, and start working.

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