Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sharing My Scoliosis Story

What people don’t realize about scoliosis is that it’s a lot more than just a crooked spine. Yes my back hurts. But when my alignment is off - which happens easily with a crooked spine - it manifests sometimes as a headache. A good crack of my neck can make me feel better. But that’s not always easily attainable.

I also can’t stand or walk for a long time because I will have significant back pain. Carrying a heavy pack can cause a muscle spasm.

Jumping and running aren’t really feasible. According to the doctor, my spine gets twice the pressure on it than someone with a straight spine experiences.
When I was pregnant I had near constant back pain, only relieved by heat and a steady diet of Tylenol. Inserting the epidural was very complicated. With my second baby, it took close to an hour and two different doctors trying.

Lastly, the hit to my body image is something that I’m just now starting to combat. My left ribs stick out. My hips are at different levels. They have different curves to them. When I bend over one side of my back sticks up higher than the other. I am very asymmetrical in a symmetrically focused world.

I share all this because I’m guessing most people don’t realize any of this. I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m sharing because we all have limitations or obstacles. We all have challenges, physically or mentally. It’s valuable to be vulnerable and share what makes you different. It’s good for people to know the challenges you face. Different isn’t the curse we thought it was in 7th grade. It’s part of your strength. Challenges are part of your story. Seeing someone else’s resiliency can help us all become more resilient.